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But you have to get good at believing in yourself and assuming that what you want to be true, is true.

that he likes you will automatically cause you to act in a way that’s more… And as a result, there’s a really good chance that he’ll end up liking you back (in the end) if you assume that he does like you.

By the way, the initials of all my names begin with G…isn’t that funny? But he is in touch with me almost a month but i found my self again week not focused on my goad no burning desire towards my goal and also see frequently the number 11.11.. I believe a big event is coming and I have heard it will happen when we are sitting down eating or something. God prophecied New York would be getting nuked just like Japan (sunami). And Obama (evil) just visited Japan to say sorry for the 2 nukes in world war 2. I just was blessed with my grandson he unfortunately passed from SIDS he was born at exactly 11 am and on the 11 month. Reply Isnt that crazy…I was just looking up, what 69 means, because i constantly see that number…and then i notice your sons year of birth is 69…no idea what God is trying to tell me…my husband passed away 9/6/13…I am so sorry of your loss…but one of my best memories of my husband was on 11/11/11…at …i turned on the vehicle clock at just that time…I said, hon…what do you think God is telling us…and he said, you will always remember this…and he was right on! I see every day on the clock, , I was reading the article about , I look in the corner of the computer the time is and I got a wave of shivers over my whole body.

😀 Reply Hi,the only way to raise your vibration is a simple way actually, like this post say,clear your heart open it,clear your mind open it,let your light shine as bright like the sun,and let that light expand more and more,but first,when your clear your heart and mind breath in first heavily and to slow breathing,then start to clear and open up,from there ull start feeling your vibrations, expand the light and set yourself inline with your guides,ascended masters,your angels, as you do this exercise remember to thank them for the signs,for guidance, for being there,for the protection ,ask them to reveal what you need to do,remember patience is of outmost virtue,men with no patience stumbles in blocks made of frustration… Whenever he is in touch with me i saw 11.11 but but whe he doesn’t lli saw the number 12.12! since many years iam into spiritual things, recenty i was wondering to get a sign to the things i think are right… Japan was building up military equipment under the waters and was going to go to war against China. He should have said sorry for the 2 in japan (sunami) and the 2 he is going to set off in New York. Reply Several months ago I started noticing on the clock a lot. If I try to wait for it to come up, I somehow get distracted and miss it. Reply I began seeing this now for years, at least 3 or more. The bear is my spiritual guide, I would like to know what this means for me. I also see a lot too, and that was the time my first born came into the world. I swear in my peripheral vision I am seeing a white but see through shape of an angel.

but assuming that they like you in the way that you want them to…

well, that usually leads to them actually liking you!

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Expecting great turn around to most all few areas of my life! He was even missing for almost nine months till he was finally found in the bottom of a lake. I stopped looking at a clock for 3 days, but then I’d see the number in liscense plates, telephone numbers on bill boards and advertisments, prices, etc. Today, in fact, I saw it twice when looking at the time. I have twin boys who are 19yrs,and the oldest one says he has been seeing 1111 on his phone or clock very often.like someone is trying to reach me .all of the above just came into my head in the last year,even though ive seen these numbers long before…. Reply I see on the time but pay attention all around nothing we just sitting on phones looking up stuff and I’m really not thinking much or we are talking bout the corruptions and wanting things change or talking bout how she did wrong wanting our kids back home thinking how can I get the proof on the lies they did to get em back so what’s your thoughts I do work and talk to God he tells me what’s going to happen shows me tells me what’s going on this world who are dirty people I’m sad what saw that is coming wish could stop it but he says gotta happen I seen at sixteen in white House four men signing the declaration writing in it laughing they sense see my spirit watching them than came back to reality than suddenly I said God I will take my life to save others and don’t know what I’m too do any suggestions Reply My dear Springer Spaniel – Gus – died (put down) this past 11/21. it has happened two mornings in a row that I looked at the clock exactly at that moment and many other times in between. Clear your head and let positive thoughts enter your brain next time you see or just post positive stuff. Then you take responsibility and pray for that person instead of passing the buck. Long story short, I was sitting in her room and opened my phone and the time was , I had read stories on the number 11 so that got my attention so I looked over at her and she was still breathing but the next time I looked she was not, when the nurses came in and checked saying she’s gone the time was , I believe she passed shortly after .

Learn about the one found/lost words of Jesus Christ. I prayed many short direct prayers with each I needed to use Yahveh. I finished, walked out of room, but my eyes meet first & directly on the microwave time. I have done a lot of work with some wonderful women mentors on the ascension process in Sydney Australia. In the beggining I didn’t know why is this happening but now I know it’s a sign of angels’s reassurance that either I’m on the right path,doing something that is in alignement or that I need to change what I’m doing in the moment. Reply I have been seeing , continously for these past few months, now it has increased from just once to almost daily and sometimes twice to 3x a day. I had just realized the stone was marked with the wrong birthday. Reply I am from India and frankly speaking i dont know how I jump on this page today but I have always notice this time and that to i am experiencing this particular time when i was 14 and today I am 25 and still seeing this particular time i dont knw how but suddenly i check mobile its shows 11 11 i always have intution that what does this mean then i slightly started worrying that may be i will die at this particular time and many more so when i see this time i talk to myself that everything will be ok or sumtime i just start wishing for something but after ready post I am sure there is something strong connection may be any indication of previous lyf i dont knw wht but i am not the only one to bump on same time again and again thats 11 11 Reply I see repetative numbers so frequently, my kids think it’s obnixous. These things only started recently, over the past few years, ever since my birthday fell on Easter. You see, I had an Akashic records reading nearly two years ago when I was receiving lots of mental “downloads” at the time. I haven’t seen 11’s anymore until my grandson was born last week, 11-11-16 time pm.

I just saw that 1111 was very special, didn’t get to look it up & forgot about it day or two ago. My Higher Self and Angels are always with me but due to a huge move from one end of Australia to another I have been under some stress and by the number of times I see these numbers they are telling me they are there for me as always. I love that I always know I am never alone and they will always be there for me. And with this i have started seeing some new numbers as well like , , . Reply Hello Thank you for your amazing information I often see or , I even see the number 11 behind the shirt or the hat The voice that I send to my friend through the telegram is also 11s It was so interesting to me that the number 11 had a message for me For that, I started searching If you have any other information about 11, please email me Thank you Reply I had a friend send me here. I’ve never believed in that which you can’t see, smell, hear, touch or taste, so this is all kind of freaking me out a bit. The reading confirmed my life purpose, something I always felt in my heart I “should” be doing. Reply I have be seen almost all the special combination of numbers for quite some years now. It went up to the extent of me noticing it on 11/11/2011 at pm.

I am very grateful to be on this journey with you too and I am grateful for all that you put on facebook that is so easy to access and share. do u have any more was to suggest how to find what truly comes from? If you relate or any other number/ sign for that matter with negative energy of course you will freak out. Im unhappy that ths people on this earth is real evil.

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I can’t waste anymore time from here on out like I’ve been doing. I hope you are staying strong and embracing all the love and light in your life. thankyou Reply Thank you for the wonderful message about 1111 Melanie. it has occurred to me that the numbers have meant even more so this is great affirmation of that. all this work you are doing you are looking younger and younger by the day I think!! im sorry im freaking out with this because its everywhere and really, i dont see good signs so why should we believe an internet article?

To answer your question from the information you’ve given me… From what you told me, my read on what you’re trying to figure out is one of three scenarios: a) you want to know that he likes you because knowing someone likes you feels good, b) he is indifferent to you (in the romantic sense), but you and you’re seeing what you want to see, c) you don’t know whether or not he likes you, but you’d be open to starting something with him.