Vba excel validating data in cells

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Count End Function For anyone still trying to use @Justin G's dictionary method, you will need to alter the code slightly if you're using a newer version of VBA. For example, if you have two cells returning #DIV/0! , those 5 cells would add 2 to the final count of unique values.

Note, the way it handles errors is by simply including them in the count of uniques.

Count Between Date Ranges Nested IF Formula Limitation One limitation of Excel is that we can only nest Excel formulas up to 7 levels.

This is particularly limiting when trying to add nested IF Functions/Formulas that require greater than 7 conditions.

Resize(numrows) ' Prepare a second 1-dim array for the result Re Dim vs2(numrows) ' Transfer the 2-dim array into the 1-dim array For r = 1 To UBound(vs1, 1) vs2(r - 1) = vs1(r, 1) Next ' Return the 1-dim array as the function result Unique Values = vs2 ' Clean up the extra column on the worksheet o Target. Delete End Function Sub Count Unique() Dim Count, x, a, last Row, Values(), String Values a = Active Cell.

Special Cells(xl Last Cell) ' the last cell on the worksheet Set o Target = o Target. Advanced Filter Action:=xl Filter Copy, Copy To Range:=o Target, Unique:=True ' Get the number of rows including the first row which is the header numrows = Worksheet Function. Entire Column) ' create an 2-dim array of the rows vs1 = o Target.

Next getting the th header cells (next headers by changing the last index in the range 0-3): This captures the second row and then extracts the first cell.

Find the complete documentation here: Documentation See an example of how to install Excel Add-Ins (Excel 2007 and above): Installation Download the Scrape HTML Add In here.

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However, the Excel formula AVERAGE does not exclude zeros.

Here you will find a bit of everything from basic shortcuts to VBA for Excel. That is, the IF function/formula and the SUM function/formula.