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08-Nov-2017 08:57

An ultrasound scan creates a picture of the tissues and organs inside your body.

A hand-held device called a transducer (sometimes referred to as a pad or paddle) uses sound waves to create the image, which will appear on a TV screen.

You will be asked to lie down on an examination couch and to lift your clothes to uncover your abdomen (tummy).

The sonographer will put a clear gel on your skin then move the transducer slowly but firmly across the skin of your tummy.

If your scan appears normal but your symptoms continue or worsen then you must go back to your GP to let them know, and make an appointment for a check up within one month.

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The probe will be placed in a protective cover and lubricated well with a warmed jelly before insertion.The sonographer will press down on your tummy and gently move the probe to get a good picture of your pelvic organs.You may feel some discomfort during the pelvic ultrasound, but it should not be painful.Ultrasound scans are usually carried out by a sonographer or a radiologist, and will often take place in the radiology department of your local hospital.

Your appointment letter will contain information about any preparations you need to make before your appointment so it is important to read the information carefully.If you have not already had one, your GP might want to do a CA125 blood test.