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E degree by the University of Delhi The candidates must have minimum one-year’s full time work experience in a registered firm /company/Industry/Educational and Research Institutes/any Govt. One-year experience will be counted from the date of declaration of B. in Industrial Electronics under the Division of Instrumentation & Control Eng (ICE) 7. of NCT of Delhi and affiliated to the University of Delhi.

E result till 31st July 2017 The candidates will be required to submit a "No Objection Certificate" from their employers; no scholarship shall be available for part time M. in Process Control under the Division of Instrumentation & Control Eng (ICE) 6.

Water Resources: Under direction of Engineering staff, assists in the collection of field data; generates technical data, organizes documents, and coordinates data transmission to others; conducts manufacture website surveys for engineering drawings and equipment documentation; scans, records, maintains and organizes directories; updates and creates engineering drawings utilizing Micro Station; assists with the preparation and distribution of reports and documents; processes correspondence and material requisitions; performs other functions as assigned.

Construction: Under the direction of Engineering staff, assist with the construction management of projects under the City's capital improvement program.

Tech programme students Age Requirement A candidate should be at least twenty one years of age before the first day of October 2017. in Computer Engineering under the Division of Computer Engineering (COE) 5.

However, the Vice-Chancellor on the basis of individual merit may relax the age up to a maximum period of one year Reservations for SC/ST and Physically Challenged (PH) candidates will be as per the admission procedure and implemented division wise as communicated by the Faculty of Technology "No seats be reserved for SC in a post-graduate course where the number of seats is less than 07 where number of seats is 07 or more but less than 15, 15% of seats be reserved for SC candidates Make where the number of seats is 15 or more reservation @15% and @7.5% for SC/ST candidates (inter-changeable) respectively The reservation will be implemented department wise 03% of total seats will be reserved to the physically challenged candidates if they are eligible (not less than 40% of disabilities) All candidates for admission to M. in Embedded System & VLSI under the Division of Electronics/Communication Eng (ECE) 4.

Those candidates who possess the most pertinent qualifications will be invited for an oral interview by the hiring agency.

If you have any questions about the job duties assigned to the Traffic Division, please call Vinh Nguyen at (714) 647-5612.

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Tech Program: i) Qualifying Exam (Aggregate): 50% ii) Test conducted by Institute: 30% iii) Interview/Viva-Voce: 20% Total Minimum Marks: 100% GATE qualified candidates selected for full-time M. The City of Santa Ana is looking for individuals who are results-oriented, possess great attitudes, demonstrate creativity and innovation, work efficiently, show a record of success and have a PASSION for public service.