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Signs warning of advanced surveillance were plastered on the walls of Stu's room.

Caregivers covered or moved the webcam and forgot to reposition it, Scott Sanderson said. They posted a sign and told the staff not to touch the equipment.

The cameras can be used to deter or catch abuse and neglect, but they also threaten the privacy of other patients and employees.

At a time when police officers wear body cameras and average citizens check video feeds of their children and pets at day care, the long-term care industry is being forced into a game of catch-up.

A certificate of completion (not certification) is issued by the program and must be retained by the SANE as evidence of meeting education and clinical practice requirements.

Education/training must be based on the national recommendations of the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN).

A handful of states took that decision out of their hands.

In 2001, Texas became the first state to expressly allow electronic monitoring in long-term care facilities. Maryland gave its nursing facilities guidance on how to properly allow cameras, but left it up to them if they will permit it.

"Providing residents and their families the option to install monitoring devices in their rooms will provide peace of mind that our loved ones are being cared for in the best possible manner."Hidden cameras have caught abuse at Pennsylvania long-term care facilities."The Sandersons unwittingly became part of a splintered national debate about the role of video cameras in long-term care facilities.The conversation includes webcams used for video calls, clocks with hidden pinhole cameras, and motion-activated cameras that broadcast live video feeds to laptops and smartphones.Voluntary SANE Certification, if desired, can be obtained through IAFN’s Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification which currently offers professional credentials as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner-Adult/Adolescent (SANE-A®) or Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner-Pediatric (SANE-P®).

SANE nurses who have not practiced for two or more years must complete a new 80 to 100 hour didactic/clinical SANE course.But to Inglis House, the nursing home where he has lived for decades, the camera was a watchful eye, scrutinizing its staff's every move and capturing images of people whose privacy they're responsible to protect.