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If you spend a lot of time reading up on the visa/entry requirements for countries around the world (as I do), you’ll realize that a high percentage of countries do require visitors to have an onward ticket in order to be granted entry.

However, this is a rule that is often not enforced by immigration officials.

Then print out the final itinerary that displays on the screen and use that as your confirmation.

I prefer the above method as it uses an actual paid confirmation format.

On your second day in Kuala Lumpur, you trek across the city to the Qantas office, which is closed for no apparent reason.

And while you enjoyed every single minute of your stay in Oz, you’re ready to explore the intriguing cultures of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

“In order to enter Malaysia, you must provide proof of onward travel out of Malaysia. “We cannot let you board your flight without proof that you will be leaving Malaysia.” You had planned to fly into Kuala Lumpur, to cross into Singapore by land, take the ferry to Indonesia and then return to Malaysia several weeks later before traveling by bus into Thailand. After an unsuccessful attempt at wooing the airline agent, the visions in your head are now of a plane taking off without you.

Why would you need to purchase an onward plane ticket for that? You even check your pockets to see if you have enough Australian money to get you back into Melbourne. “If you go over to the Qantas office at the other end of the terminal, you can buy an onward ticket and then hopefully get a refund once you arrive in Asia.” Off you go, running across the terminal with your backpack dancing off one arm, and with only an hour and fifteen minutes to go until your flight to Malaysia is scheduled to depart.

The above is a true story of course and one that happened to me exactly as I wrote it, about 7 years ago.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing, as dealing with the issue of onward flight tickets is something that many travelers face during their adventures.

You call out to this man and he immediately tells you that the office is now closed. The airline agent finally checks you in now that you have your onward ticket and without hesitation you rush off to immigration, through security and towards your gate, arriving with only a few minutes to spare.