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26-Aug-2017 04:31

Second Ego conversations and variables can be send over email, can be written in your database, can talk with customers over Facebook Messenger and many more.

An artificial intelligence built in Second Ego® makes it alive.

This adventure lets you choose a map of your desire (America, Europe...), the type of game (solo, on the same device, online...) and finally…. THE PROS Camfrog has thousands of video chat rooms for you to pull from. A chat application with multiple features: games, virtual pets, lotteries, and rankings.

Galaxy - Chat & Play is a virtual simulation game where you create your own avatar and visit different planets (chat rooms) while meeting interesting people and making friends.

It can be an advanced expert system learning from databases or unstructured data.

Or maybe a very complex questionnaire with instant analysis of results. Most of you will use Second Ego® to help you manage your sales or after sales support on a very cost effective way. In livechat mode he will help you with the knowledge he has, but also when administrator is not present he will still help people to better undestand your products or services.

This Data Bot application works through modules of information, so you can easily teach her new content by installing upgrades. Track sleep length and quality, detect noise and motion, wake up according to sleep cycle.