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If you want to know why so many girls want to be with me, it is because I am a very premium person to be with. Father toils for a travel agency, denominated Heritage Touring.

I am homely, and also severely funny, and these are winning things. It is for Jewish people, like the hero, who have cravings to leave that ennobled country America and visit humble towns in Poland and Ukraine.

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Schreiber never quite musters the rude health of Kusturica in his prime, and his strange decision to tweak the crucial twist of the source material might wrong-foot a few viewers, but this is a creditable, and credible, adaptation of a book that many considered unfilmable.But when he arrives, Jonathan’s romantic expectations are dashed: the villages of the past, or shtetls, are long gone, and the rustic idyll cemented over in the dying throes of Communism.