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So, I asked the guy that was waiting with me, if this is the Carrier Air Conditioner with PURON?And he said, "YES, OF COURSE." However, I told him to wait outside while I checked online to see what kind of air conditioner this model really was.Stanley replied, "Everything is fine like what your father and I talked about." He also said, "I wouldn't be able to turn a profit if I agreed to an A/C with PURON instead of R-22 Freon." Then, he refused to talk any further with my son because he said that my son shouldn't get involved with his father's business.

My wife and I are lifelong friends of his cousin, and he even installed a humidifier for us years earlier.

Then, Stanley hung up the phone on me after saying that I had an attitude.

We didn't speak again until the end of that week.

This guy said he called his boss, Stanley Mika, and that Stanley was on his way to my house to inspect the work and settle up.

While we were waiting I was looking at all the work they had done and I made sure the model numbers were the correct ones that we had agreed upon.

It turned out that it was totally different then what we had agreed.

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