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Plusse (Karin Viard) on a squeaky bed ("squeak squeak").

Other tenants kept synchronized in symphonic rhythm to the squeaking with an increasingly sped-up tempo: They had sex during a late-night, after-dinner work session at the office - on one of the drafting tables. "Soon afterwards, their scandalous and problematic liaison, even though they moved in together, was eventually broken apart by their two neighborhoods (relatives and friends): Sugar Hill in Harlem (Flipper's home) and Bensonhurst (Angie's home) in Brooklyn.

I'm going to crumble you, you're going to break up.

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In his vast, long-neglected stone-walled studio, Frenhofer began by making multiple artistic sketches of Marianne, the first two with her clothed. It's the end."On the fourth day of painting, Frenhofer again took charge of his model for the last session.

The most memorable segment was set in Fontenal prison where imprisoned thief John Broom (Scott Renderer), an orphan, was again incarcerated.

He experienced obsessed homosexual feelings for fellow inmate Jack Bolton (James Lyons) - someone he knew years earlier in reform school as a bullied, often-taunted weakling teen, but had now become tough and domineering.

They subsequently engaged in an ill-fated love affair ("strange bond") in London during a sultry summer.

Although Natalie was married, the duo were overwhelmingly attracted to each other and engaged in a passionately physical, clandestine sexual encounter in his apartment.

He was forced to beg for another bill as he crouched outside the customer's toilet door.