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div.hero-slide" data-cycle-swipe=true data-cycle-swipe-fx=scroll Horz data-cycle-prev="#hero-prev" data-cycle-next="#hero-next" data-cycle-pager="#hero-current" data-cycle-pager="#hero-current" data-cycle-paused="true" Rhodes, a Greek island with 2.400 year history, the place that gave birth to legends and hosted significant personalities of politics, the arts and culture, with a beauty that enthralled its conquerors through the centuries, hosts the welcoming Sheraton Rhodes Resort.

The hotel, cocooned in the beauty of its attractive lush gardens with the blue expanse of the pristine waters in front of its private beach, is ideally situated in a key spot in Ixia, just 4 kilometres from the famous Medieval Town of Rhodes – the best preserved medieval city in the world and an UNESCO World Heritage Monument.

With a strong architectural tradition of neoclassical style, beautiful beaches and many surprises, Chalki is ideal for a one-day trip.

There are daily connections to  Chalki from Rhodes port or Kamiros Scala.","pin Type":"default","custom Pin":false,"internal Name":"Chalki","category Internal Name":"Local Attractions","category Id":"6","distance To Context":null,"address":null},,,,,,,,],"Museums\/Monuments":[,,,,]}" data-has Attraction ="true" data-categorykeys="" data-categoryid=""6"" data-sidebar="true" data-customzoom="" Sheraton Rhodes Resort is within a few minutes' drive of the island's most famous sights and attractions.

Santo Miramare Luxury Resort Hotel is a summer city of its own for everyone seeks real summer fun and pleasure under the sun.

Perfectly located in the cosmopolitan black sandy beach of Perivolos close to the famous beach bars, plenty of restaurant choices for every time and any kind of tastes and a numerous of choices for water sports.

Sheraton Rhodes Resort encompasses in its grounds and services the very things that Rhodes offers: natural beauty, unique architecture, a variety of entertainment options, modern infrastructure and traditional hospitality. Step up to a Suite at Sheraton Rhodes Resort, and take advantage of exciting promotions and benefits.

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All this combined with the resort’s beach experience create a unique setting, where time seems to stand still. (72 square meters / 775 square feet)Unique Attributes Privacy and atmospheric interior Enlarged private heated pool (30 square meters / 322 square feet)Impressive sea views Spacious patio with sun beds, umbrella Separate living room Four poster bed Egg-shaped bathtub or Jacuzzi Occupancy 2-4 persons Photo Credits: Niall Clutton" data-alt="Island Luxury Suites Sea View Private Heated Pool- Blue Palace Hotel Creta" data-vu="island-suites" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" Luxury Suite.jpg" data-bg=" Luxury Suite.jpg" style="background: transparent no-repeat center; background-size: cover"breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner for two served on your private terrace overlooking the endless cobalt blue.The hotel resort, offers 3 restaurants, all with views of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea, among which you can find: the Almyra international buffet restaurant, the Pool Pizza/Pasta Snack buffet style restaurant, Olives our a la carte restaurant serving typical Mediterranean cuisine and the Greek Barbeque Grill corner.

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