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Small school districts can contract with other small districts or larger districts to provide services of certified librarians on a part- time or consulting basis.

Certified school librarians have to be pre- pared in two areas: education and librarianship.

Handbook for Alaska K-12 School Libraries 25 ERIC Preparing for Leadership Each school needs an advocate for its school library whether it operates a library out of a closet or a large collection of print and multimedia. You are in a position to see the curriculum at work, to see both the teaching and administrating side of school.

Regardless of your situation, if you are responsible for the library program in your school, you must be the information leader. If you are a good listener, you are in a position to hear from students, teachers and ad- ministrators (and sometimes parents) about what works and does not work in the school.

With the fast- changing library scene, the skills needed have Sec Competenciesf C- 9. It is a little invimidating to read some of the competency lists because it sounds like a profession for only Superman or Wonderwoman.

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As noted in the introduction, it is important to have the perspective of both librarianship and education.Most often these classes are offered on the graduate level rather than undergraduate.Formal Education 24 It is generally accepted in professional library circles that the professional degree in li- brary science is at the master's level and should be from an ALA accredited program.For certification most states require two things: (1) a valid teaching certificate and (2) a minimum of 18 hour ; of library science. Requirements for certification in each state are published periodically. Literature for Children and/or Literature for Adolescents, 4.

Topically the areas of preparation for school librarianship in- clude some or all of the following courses: 1 . Information Storage and Retrieval or Organization of Materials, 5. Technology • Generally each of the classes is a 3-hour credit class with a total of at least 18 hours (or six courses) for endorsement.The Nitty Gritty contains 73 topics, designed so that they can be copied for the library.